About Us

The Readability Group’s mission is to optimise typographic accessibility by providing expert advice based on data, not anecdote. We gather and analyze the performance data of written content using our unique testing environment to help you make informed decisions for your typographic choices.

As founders of The Readability Group we have decades of experience in the fields of design, typography, accessibility and digital technologies. We met whilst developing BBC Reith, the organisation’s corporate typeface, and realised that accessibility definitions for typography are often misguided, if not plain wrong.

Using our combined expertise, user research and established neuroscientific theories we aim to dispel myths and misconceptions around typefaces and typography and improve the accessibility of written content for a broader audience.

  • Bruno Maag

    Bruno Maag

    Bruno Maag is an expert typographer with over forty years of expertise in his field. He founded and led Dalton Maag Ltd, the world’s leading studio for typeface design where he worked with some of the best known brands: Amazon, Nokia, Intel, HP, AirBnB, Netflix, Facebook, DHL, FedEx, ABB, BBC, Rakuten amongst many others. All these brands have in common that their typography needs to be as accessible as possible to the clients’ audiences.

    Bruno has been researching the neuroscience of typography and its impact on reading, and recently had a paper published on a project carried out in conjunction with the University of Brighton.

  • David Bailey

    David Bailey

    David is a design director with over 20 years experience working in the world of design communication and branding. A former member of renowned agency The Designers Republic, and owner/director of Kiosk, David is currently the BBC's UX Principal for visual design & brand. In 2012, D&AD included David in its list of '50 British Creative Greats' alongside the likes of Paul Smith, Rankin and Terry Gilliam.

  • Michael Mathews

    Michael Mathews

    Michael has an extensive history working in large, distributed technology and in particular in all aspects of the Web stack. Over the past two decades he has helped build some of the largest web sites on the planet. In addition Michael has an established history of working in education (MSEd. Bank Street College of Education) as well as in the field of making technolgy more accessible. He is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of everyone.

  • Gareth Ford Williams

    Gareth Ford Williams

    In 2005 Gareth founded the BBC’s Digital Accessibility Team. Over the course of the first 3 years the Accessibility Team worked as an integral part of iPlayer’s core Product Team ensuring BBC iPlayer V1.0 launched as an accessible product. The accessibility team became part of UX when the BBC’s UX Design Team was founded in 2008. He went on to found the BBC’s UX Design Research team in 2010.